Born 1982 in Trier, Dan early discovered his preferences for Music. His rapture in Graffiti led him to his main influences, Hiphop and Rap. At the beginning, Dan was mainly concentrating on “turntableism”, what offered him sets at concerts of artists like Lootpack, A.G., El the Sensai, Mista Sinista , etc and also at various jams and events. With his rising commitment as producer and the search for original samples, his interest for the roots of Hiphop and Rap began to increase.


In 2001 he founded the „Whatdafunk-Crew”. His move from Trier to Cologne in 2003 finally gave him the possibility to resurrect another crowed from a different city. Sets on almost every nameable Soul&Funk/HipHop/ Raggae event in cologne followed, among others „La Nuit de Phonque“, „Block Rockin’ Beatz“, „Nimm 2“, “The Shack“, „The Funky Bunch“, „Bad Booty Club“, „One Groove“, „Stereo Royale“, „Hauptsache Funk“, etc. Approved by his success in the nightlife of cologne, he decided to share his musical concept of a pure Soul&Funk set with his hometown. Early in 2006 he presented the first and only pure Soul&Funk event at the "Emu's" Restaurant’s music club "D.own U.nder" in Trier: “Whatdafunk!?”. With guests like "Tobias Kirmayer" (Tramprecords), "Kool Jerk" & "Mario Aldente" (The Shack), "kleinski" (Hauptsache Funk) and last but not least Dan himself, the concept hit the hearts and the hips of the audience.


Along with the „Zupport“ Skate and BMX Shop, Dan established a further event at the "D.own U.nder" in the middle of 2006: “Dope on Plastic”. The resident DJs “Dariusch” aka “D-Rush” (Grooveattack/ Carpetbombing Records, Cologne) and Dan served the audience with a combination of HipHop, Soul, Funk, Breaks and Reggae. Additionally to his DJ sets, he became a presenter and participated in the organisation of several Soul&Funk concerts like the “Soulsnatchers (NL) and “Osaka Monaurail” (JP) at Cologne in 2007. Furthermore, with the same musical concept as in Trier, he brought the “Whatdafunk!?” event to Cologne at the “Lauschgift”. In August 2007, Dan got into business for himself with his „Whatdafunk Eventmanagement and DJing“ agency. For 2008 he organizes together with “kleinski” of “hauptsache funk” the monthly, pure Soul&Funk event “In the Basement” at Cologne’s “Café Frank”

In October 2008 he started "tighten-up-cologne", cologne’s platform for funk music, where he shows his 45s with lot of information about the records, a gallery with exclusive pictures of actual concerts in cologne, interviews with artists like “Kristian Auth”, “Tobias Kirmayer” and “Henry Storch”. Additionally there are many more articles about funk events in cologne and lot of further information about funk in cologne.


After several meetings with "Tobias Kirmayer" Dan started working for the Kirmayers's Label "Tramprecords" in the beginning of of 2010. In June 2011 they released the 1st edition of the "Feeling Nice" compilation, followed by Vol. 2 in October 2013. For the 3rd compilation "Herman 'The German' Jahn' joined the project. Herman is one of the heavyweight collectors of the scene, known for his discoverys of obscure Funk 45s. To promote the "Feeling Nice", Dan travelled across Europe and Russia with a nice bag of 45s to present his collection. As a collector of rare Funk 45’s, Dan will always satisfy his audiences with pure Soul & Funk.


Aktually, Dan lives in Freiburg in the south of Germany, deep in the Black Forrest, where he establishes his new Soul, Funk, Rhythm&Blues night called SOUL RELATION. Along with his guest he plays all soul related music which he discovered in his musical life. 



Stay tuned!