Hermann Jahn & Dan Dynomite


What happens if two hardcore collectors get theirselfs together, playing a few records, talking about what's heavy funk...!? Well, have a listen!! Hermann 'The German' Jahn is well known as superheavy collector across all scenes, not even for funk. When he put some records out of the boy, you jaw will hit the floor. Stuff rare as hell, even unknown in the collectors circles! And what stuff this is, heavyweight, raw funk at the highest order: "Ultrafunk", mixed by Dan Dynomite.

Henning Boogaloo

  1. Purple Snow - Down by the river
  2. Skuzzy Frogg -Nation
  3. Leopards - On my way
  4. Jimmy Brinson - I don't want to hear it now
  5. Tommy Dent - Hair
  6. 3rd World Band - Third world Tripping
  7. TSU Toronados - Flight to many
  8. Library - What's the world coming to
  9. Them Prodigals - Cake Time
  10. Orchestre African Fiesta - Sookie
  11. Fadaul et les Privileges - Tayeh
  12. Staff & Management - Fresh Dirt
  13. Flavoured Soul - Vehicle
  14. Gamith - Darkness
  15. Tiaras - Right on
  16. Panella Swan - Hypnotized

Dan Dynomite - "Kavantgar.de"


By the time Dan was living in Karlsruhe, he recorded this awesome mix for his fellows from kavantgar.de early 2014. The Kavantgar.de guys built up an online platform about arts, music and  culture of the scene in Karlsruhe, Germany. So they also asked Dan Dyomite to load up his profile and present himself on the website. So he delivered a nice mix full of Raw Soul & Heavyweight Funk 45s. Island Funk 45s by The Blue Rhythm Combo and Exile One feat. Gordon Henderson as well as sister funk bangers like Cary Riley's "Super Cool" or Delores Ealy's "It's About Time I Made A Change", folowed by The Richi Corbin Trio's "A Woman Was Made For A Man". Enjoy Dan's selection of Superheavy Funk & Raw Soul 45s from the depth of his collection.