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Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within" (TWINIGHT)
VG+ Awesome peace of funk with an influencing groove!!
150,00 €
Dee Smith - "Do The Popcorn" (UP-TIGHT)
VG, play great Uptempo monster that is almost impossible to find. If you haven't heard of it yet, get yo' self a listen on YT
500,00 €
Thunder, Lightning & Rain - "Super Funky" (SAADIA)
VG, Ring wear on Label - plays very nice! Miami Funk at its best!
200,00 €
Duffy Jackson Orch. - "Tomahawk" (EXPOSURE)
VG++ Stunning copy of this beast from the Feeling Nice series! James Brown cover of "I Feel Good" that blows your head!
300,00 €
The Third Guitar - "Baby Don't Cry" (ROJAC)
VG+, small edge warp DNAP ANTHEM!
300,00 €
T. J. & The Group - "Reddy Freddy" (M&M)
VG++ Great copy of this monster Deep Funk double-sider. Both work perfectly on the dancefloor!
300,00 €
4 Dimensions - "Hipper Snapper" (MET)
VG, plays nice! Stunning tune!!
300,00 €
The Montaray's - "Kicking And Picking" (OPUS)
VG, plays nice! Driving Instrumental... awesome!!!
300,00 €
Exile One - "Funky Crookie" '(DERBS)
NM Gorgeous Deep Funk from Barbados! BOMB
150,00 €
Richard Marks - "Funky Four Corners" (ROULETTE)
VG - Plays nice, WOL on the flip
30,00 €
Fatback Dupree - "What Comes Around" (BAYTOWN)
NM Stunning copy of this killer 45 out of California. Another version of the song by the artist who is known as "Art Monday"!
300,00 €
Rick & The Delvations - "I Want A Feeling" (PAL)
VG++ Awesome James Brown coverversion!
150,00 €