Nolla Mainor

Nolla Mainor was originally a dancer from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who entered the music business by the mid 1960s when she assembled and managed a trio of local youths known as The Soul Rockers. Taking them, plus an organ player, to a tiny two-track sound studio in Washington, North Carolina, where the group cut two Mainor originals “Reach Down And Get It” b/w “Center Of My Heart” for Charles O. Johnson’s Rocky Mount-based Goldleaf imprint. "Reach Out And Get It" by Nola & The Soul Rockers (even though Nolla wasn't on the recording) is a monster funk instrumental with one of the biggest open drum breaks in music history!

Nolla Mainors's dancing days

The Soul Rockers

Nolla on bass

Two name changes down the line, from the Soul Rockers to The Boppers to The Tempo's Band, Mainor joined her musicians as bassist, ecouraged by her trustred new boooking agent Ron Long. It was also Long who made contact with John Lewis of the little known Elvitrue label out of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the two co-produced a session for Mainor's latest compositions. "This Is A Song" on the top side showcases the vocals of young singer Shirlean Williams while the B-side "Ease It To Me" features innuendo-laden banter between Mainor and her drummer.

To this day, Mainor remains fiercely proud of her contributions as perhaps the most-involved female in the Fayetteville music scene during the '70s, and when re-discovered in 2003, she was insistent that the Elvitrue release's artist credits of "Shirlean Williams & The Tempo's Band" did not to her role justice, declaring: "This is my record! Shirlean messed it up! I brought her up, but she was overconfident, didn't rehearse, and then sang herself hoarse!" Indeed Mainor would be the on to continue  on in music after the self-distributed record's lack of success, forging ahead despite Long's unexpected an dsaddening passing in the '70s. eventually quitting bands but still keeping the faith as the only female nightclub DJ in the area, affectionately known to her fans as "Queenie" or "Queen Bee".

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