Scacy & The Sound Service

Irving ‘Scacy’ Haywood started singing when he was 13 years old. He and a few of his Northeast Washington D.C. friends began harmonizing on their street corners often until dark just enjoying the sweet sounds of the music they had created. The guys, Wes Ford, Hurrie Finch, Jerry Shell, Alvin Mcloud and Irving started a group they named "The Vells" and started performing at school functions and talent shows. In 1961 they entered a talent show contest and won one week at the Howard theater. The billboard read Marv Johnson, The Flamingos, The Cadillacs, Billy Blann, Etta Jones, The Vells and Mike Gram, M C.


To their delight The Vells met Freddy Smith, bass singer for the "Starlighters" who had an array of hits such as "Its Twelve O'Clock", "Birdland" and "I Cried". Their lead singer was Van McCoy one of the greatest song writers of that time. Freddy took an interest in the group and decided to work with them. Once he was pleased with their progress he happily introduced them to Van. The first thing he advised them to do was to change the group’s name. They took his advice and became "The D.C. Playboys". In 1964 they recorded and released the 45 "You Were All I Needed" with the flip side "To Much" on Arock. One of Irving’s greatest moments was when Van asked him to sing lead on both songs because he usually sang background. After the D.C. Playboys dismantled, Irving and another member of the Playboys, Alvin McCloud, joined another D.C. singer Archie Powell and formed a vocal group they called "The Ascots" who recorded the songs "L.O.V.E." and "Another Day", released on MIR-A-DON Records, Inc.


Above: The Ascots

In the late 60s and early 70s the music style changed and the era of the bands emerged. Washington D.C. had the best which included, The Soul Searchers, Black Heat, The Young Senators and Irving’s newly formed band called Scacy & the Sound Service. "I can't remember some last names and some first names..." he admitts. Irving chose the name Scacy in honor of his uncle who was listed as MIA during the war. The band became very popular performing six nights a week at various social functions. They also opened for great artist such as, Stevie Wonder at the Warner Theater, War and Chuck Brown to name a few. Scay & The Sound Service recorded the well-received song "Sunshine" written by band member Braxton. The Song was released on Haywood's own SCACY label which is now defunct.

Above: Scacy & The Sound Service, L-R: Tom, Paul, Donald, Frank, Scacy and Dan

After the Scacy & the Sound Service period ended, Irving decided this was the time to slow down and enjoy a slower pace of life.

*Liner Notes with help from Irving 'Scacy' Haywood

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