Nadine Brown

"Leave Me Alone" is a true Funk bomb from Georgia on the Perfection Sound Studios label, composed and Produced by Frederick Forsh and THE TEAKWOOD. A raw, deep, fast beat combined with the killer voice of Nadine Brown. The drums and the bass... uhhh... and the horns... simply incredible. You wouldn't believe this was recorded in 1977. A sought after Record which is almost impossible to get in good shape. Pray the Lord, tramprecords licensed the recording for the Feeling Nice Vol. 3 directly from Fred Forbish himself. Furthermore, tramprecords was nice enough to get you a REissue of the Recording, maybe the only way to get a hand on the song on a 45.


Read the Liner Notes from the Feeling Nice Vol 3: Frederick Forsh has displayed his godgiven talents as an Independent Recording Artists, Producer, Arranger and Composer since 1975. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 1976 from Berry College in Rome, Georgia, and a Master of Arts in Music Education in 2009 from Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia. In 1977 he produced Nadine Brown's siter funk masterpiece "Leave Me Alone" which was recorded at the same studio as Rickey Andrews' song "Chances Are Your Dance Is Mine", released on the Mars-La-Tour label. Fremd remembers, "there's a funny story behind the Song! I wrote it when my girlfriend (now, my wife) broke up with me a 2nd time for the same boy and BOY, was I mad at her!! LOL! So mad that I asked her to marry me several years later and now we just celebrated 39 years of marriage. Nadine was a cousin of my next door neighbour in Canton, Georgia. My Neighbour, knowing I was a musician and knowing her cousin Nadine was also, introduced us once when Nadine was visiting from Jacksonville, Florida. Nadine was truly a soul singer who reminded me somewhat of a cross between Millie Jackson and Mavis Staples. She poured herself into singing and it was all natural. To my knowledge, she never had any formal musical training. She was very easy to work with and, I believe, had a promising future that, like mine, was progressing, though slowly, when she was hit by a car as a pedestrian. That took her life in 1988. Thankfully, though, she did record "Leave Me Alone" and "Since I Fell For You". I don't know if she ever recorded anthing else as, once more, her home was in Jacksonville, Florida while mine was in Woodstock, Georgia roughly 350 miles apart."


After this 45, Nadine Brown recorded at least two other singles to get her start in the music business, "Gipsy Man" b/w "Let Me Take Back The Things I Said" for Awesome Records & Tapes, Miamai, Florida, in 1982 and "Sho' Ain't Nothing Whithout Love" b/w "Your Love", released in 1983 on Coastal Records, Atlanta, Georgia. Due to a record store dealer out of Georgia who said he had met Nadine back in the 70s or early 80s, she owned a beauty salon near Smyrna. So maybe she moved to Georgia at some time. The record dealer also mentioned that her life was sadly cut short by a jealous boyfriend who pushed her out of a moving vehicle - although it could have been an 'accident' like the story by Forsh. Anyway, despite the tragic ending, Nadine left us with this memento of her dynamic and impressive vocal talent.


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